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My name is Debra Brandon, and I’m a digital strategist who loves working with small businesses, nonprofits and artists to help them grow their online presence. I’ve worked with clients from so many different industries, including Tech, Fashion Entertainment, Cybersecurity and Ecommerce. 

I do most of my work through my company, but that’s not all I do! I also write ABOUT marketing, host panel conversations on different topics like social norms, and business etiquette and partner with organizations, brands and artists in the community to bring people together around common interests or passions. 

fun facts

2016 - current

I’ve worked in Project Management for around 6 years in Information Technology and Marketing Communications.

2017 - current

I’ve worked on many marketing projects as a resource coordinator, graphic designer, web developer or photographer/videographer since 2017.

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what im doing ?

01. Live streaming

Every now and again, I go live for a Healthy Conversations segment, so I can bring people together in a way where they feel comfortable sharing their knowledge or point of view with each other.  That’s why I started the Healthy Conversations Content Series-to help others find a voice and be heard.

02. digital marketing projects

I’m passionate about helping people achieve their goals through digital marketing because it’s so much more than just building a website or maybe making a flyer-it’s about connecting business owners to their targeted market and teaching them how to be consistent and build an online presence that’s worth buying in to.

03. Vlogging

I typically like to share where I’m going, who I’ve met and what I’ve done on social media. You’ll catch a lot of content that’s centered around events, ideas, people or places. I promise not to bore you, make sure you follow and subscribe to see what I have coming up next. 


welcome to my world

I’ve been a digital strategist since 2017, when I discovered how powerful social media could be for building communities around my clients’ businesses. Since then, I’ve started to build one of my own.

work with me

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most creative and innovative brands in the world: Movie Go Inc, Chef Flava’s, Demi Lowrell Music (to name a few). I would love to hear from you about your projects or ideas!

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